Forgiveness is the Key

“You can never be free of bitterness as long as you think unforgiving thoughts. How can you be happy if you choose to think angry and resentful thoughts? “

Thoughts of bitterness cannot create joy, no matter what they did , if you insist on holding on to the past you will never be free. Forgiveness of yourself and of others will release you from the prison of the past. When you feel you are stuck in some situation, it usually means there is some more forgiving to be done. When you do not flow freely with life in the present moment it means you are holding on to the past moment. It can be regret, sadness, hurt, fear, or guilt, blame , anger, resentment and sometimes desire for revenge. Each of these state comes from a space of unforgiveness and refusal to let go. If you hold on to the past, you cannot be in the present. It is only in the now moment that your thoughts and words are powerful, so you really don’t want to waste your current thought to create a future from the garbage of the past. When you blame another you place responsibility of your feelings on someone else. People in our lives may behave in ways that trigger uncomfortable uncomfortable responses within us. However, they did not  get into our minds and create the button that has been pushed. Taking responsibility for our own feelings and reaction is mastering our ability to response. It  means we learn to consciously choose rather than react.

Forgiveness is tricky and confusing concept for many people. There is a difference between forgiveness and acceptance. 

Takes place in your own mind, it has nothing to do with the other person. It sets ourselves free from holding on to the pain. It is an act of releasing yourself from negative energy. It does not mean allowing the painful behavior of the other person in your life. You forgive them and release them. Taking a stand and setting healthy boundaries is the most loving thing you can do. No matter what the reasons are , you can get off it and let it go. You only live in the now and can choose to think thoughts that make you feel good right now. You can practice thinking thoughts that serves you well , now and forever.

  • The door to my heart opens inwards, I move through forgiveness
  • The world around me change as my thoughts changes
  • The thought of this moment create my future
  • I refuse to be helpless anymore, I claim my own power
  • I gift myself the freedom from the past, and move with joy into the now
  • There is no problem to big or too small that cannot be solved with love
  • I am ready to be healed
  • I am ready to forgive
  • All is well
  • Old negative patterns no longer limit me
  • As I forgive myself it is easier to forgive others
  • I release all of my childhood trauma and move into love
  • I forgive everyone in my past
  • All of changes in life that lies before me are positive
  • I am safe.

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