Your Relationship with Your Mind

Recognizing your relationship with your mind is an incredible journey to make a difference – an opportunity to change the habits of the mind – patterns of thinking, feelings and ways of responding. give yourself a gift to make a difference in leading your life. Cleaning your mind Introspection Let go of worries Remove Doubts […]

How to Boost your happy chemicals

How to boost your happy hormones What is truly responsible for your happiness? Dopamine- Pleasure, Satisfaction, Motivation Activities that releases Dopamine: – Listening to music, Learning new skills, Completing small tasks (sense of accomplishment), Dancing, Meditation Serotonin- Happiness and Mood Stabilizer Spending time in nature, Sitting in the sun, Aerobic exercises, Practice gratitude, Spending quality […]

Dealing with Judgements /Criticism

How to deal with judgements and criticism We can’t allow ourselves to be confined to negative relationships we’ve got. Overview Relationships are one of the main areas in human life that requires alot of work. As human beings we are social and needs the sense of belonging. We have various relationships in our life with […]

100 Ways to have FUN in your Family

100 family fun tips Ready for an adventure? Take a dive into this list and pick out your favorite activity to do with your children. Have fun !! © 2021 All Rights Reserved. Facebook-f

20 Tips for a Great Relationship with your Kids

PRAISE. It’s the magic word when you are dealing with Kids. Praise their actions and character traits you admire – the ones you want to reinforce. Appreciation. Make it a habit to leave them secret little notes of appreciation on their mirror or bedroom door ( a yellow sticky note) Respect your child. Always treat […]

100 Ways to praise a child

Remember, a Hug is worth 1000 Words

Law of Attraction kids | How to set Goals with your kids?

Law of Attraction for Kids How Different Would You Have Felt Growing Up, If A Kind Adult Had Guided You To Learn Goal Setting for Kids And Visualization… Until You ‘Got It’? Raising happy kids Bless them by setting the right goals using visualization techniques and see how they transform “How do you raise happy […]

Compassion is the key in Communication

I want to touch on my favorite subject: the secret to motivating your children. I mean we try to motivate ourselves to do the best but generally what we do is we’ll use fear by saying if you don’t do this – big punishment or we bribe them. Okay if you do this you’ll get […]

Happy Girl

Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids

Affirmations For Children I AM How affirmations benefit your child? I want to tell you how positive affirmations can help shape your child’s life in amazing ways. It will help them gain the ability to stay positive and maintain positive thoughts  that determines the tone of their emotional life. They will have a tendency to […]

What is Phonics?

How to teach phonics to kindergarten children? What is Phonics? Phonics is a necessary part of any good method of teaching children to read. Teaching Children phonics and helping them develop phonemic awareness is the key to mastering words, which is the first key step toward successful reading. Children need to develop a knowledge of […]

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