Breastfeeding , Let me tell you what to do, when, why and how

1.Get expert help : Before leaving the hospital after your delivery, try to gather enough help, medication and guidance on breastfeeding as much as you can from the nurses and doctors.

2. Prepare everything you need at hand. During feeding session, you wont be able to move around so dedicate this time just to be with your baby and have all that u need nearby.

3. Figure out the technique that makes you most comfortable. Use nursing pillow, rocking chair, soft cushions and whatever you will need to ease up breastfeeding. You should practice sleeping on your side and nurse your baby. This posture is really a life saver as you can nap and feed simultaneously.

4. Your nutrition is the key of lactation- getting the right food to help with lactation. (Watch the VDO below for top lactation food)

5. Getting enough rest is crucial for new moms. Get a shut eye whenever possible. Milk production increases in your deep sleep  and if you ever notice your max pump will be after you wake up.

6. Emotional support from loved ones, friends and family who will be your constant support. This is an emotional phase for all new moms so if you need someone to talk to and vent out, find a right support system.

7. It takes time to ‘get it right’ so don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep learning and adapting. There is no fixed rule on this, what works for others might not work for you. So find what is suitable for you and your baby. 

8. Stay hydrated at all times with warm water/ avoid cold drinks. Keep a flask of warm water or herbal lactation tea handy and sip throughout the day. I can’t emphasize enough how important warm water is for your lactation.

9. Find the best feeding position that is comfortable for you , avoid hunching your back as feeding period lasts about 10-30 minutes and correct postures plays a vital role in your breastfeeding journey.

10. Stay mindful, breathing exercises helps soothes your nerves.

11. Avoid distraction as feeding time is when you bond the most with your baby. Oxytocin & Dopamine are released.

12. Have a positive mindset  and be compassionate with yourself. Your baby feels all your emotions , happy or sad. They are not only drinking your milk but also absorbing all your emotions, love , joy, happiness, contentment, sad, distress, anxiety etc.

13. Use warm compress to help ease the flow of milk. Drinking hot water throughout the day will boost your supply.

14. Connect with your baby while you feed and send a positive vibration that connects you and him/her. Remember that it this process is new to the baby as much as it is new to you. Find your sync and listen to your mother’s intuition- it can never go wrong.

15. Help your baby latch on to your nipple, new born babies are still developing their tongue movements and swallowing rhythm. This can take few days or few weeks, depending on how often you teach them to. They often get confused with breast nipple and bottle nipple so don’t start bottle feeding right away if you choose to breast feed your child.

16. Keep your bottles, pump and pipes clean as fungus can grow due to accumulated left over breast milk. If you are breast feeding, wipe your nipples with cotton soaked in warm water before and after feeding session, keeping it clean always.

Apply nipple cream to help with cracked nipples that could be really painful.

Top 10 Lactation Food that increases Milk Supply

Things to Remember:

  • Breastfeeding may be natural, but it doesn’t come easy.
  • Mom’s breastfeeding journey should not be a struggle.
  • All you need to do is find a correct rhythm and sync with your child.
  • Breastfeeding can be an enjoyable experience for both mom and baby, if you learn HOW
  • Breastfeeding can get exhausting, overwhelming and stressful if not done correctly.
  • Go with your motherly intuition, baby sends a very strong vibe through their emotions.
  • Breathe- Breathe- Breathe : You need the oxygen and and the first thing that changes with your mood is your breath. When you are angry or stressed your breaths are shallow and fast. Try to keep your breathing as calm as possible especially during breastfeeding session. Try turning on some soothing music during this time.

Worrying Does Not Empty Tomorrow Of Its Troubles, It Empties Today Of Its Strength.

Remember, breastfeeding might not be a once in a lifetime experience for you, but it is for your child.

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