Dear moms,

We love you. We really do. But we want to let you in on a little secret: you’re making things harder for yourself.

You’ve got a lot to do. We get it. You’re busy between school, work, and all the things that go along with your family and keeping a house running smoothly. That’s why you need to step back and take a look at what you put pressure on yourself to do.

Moms are hard workers, but they forget the power of delegation. For example, your kids could help around the house if they were given simple chores, like cleaning their rooms or loading the dishwasher after dinner, but you think that if you don’t do it yourself everything will fall apart. You know what? You’re right—it might fall apart if no one cleans up after themselves—but it’s going to be less stressful if you let everyone chip in so that no one person has too much responsibility for keeping everything running smoothly. That way, if someone forgets to dry their dishes before putting them away, it’s not the end of the world! Millennial moms are taking on a lot. They’re balancing careers, relationships, family and friends. They’re on the go all the time. And they’re constantly trying to be perfect at everything they do.

But being a millennial mom doesn’t mean you have to live with constant stress, anxiety and disappointment. It’s time to let go of these bad habits so you can focus on what’s most important: quality time with your family and friends.


You also need to remember that everyone in your family would rather see you happy than see everything get done perfectly. If that means letting your kids

An old friend used to say, “control the controllables.”

 We know you’re a hands-on mom, but it’s time to let go of some of your habits. If you’re the type of parent who feels like you need to control everything and keep everything perfect, you’ve got to let that go. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment—life is unpredictable and always changing!

Here are some practices that you can incorporate in your lives :

1. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt

We often have preconceived notions about people or situations before we even meet them. This can create barriers between people which prevent us from seeing potential friends or lovers in others. It can also prevent us from seeing the good in people we interact with. We often assume the best in people until we are given reason to think otherwise. This can be a real hindrance in life if you let it be. It can also be a real benefit. You have to give everyone you meet a chance. You have to give everyone a second chance if they’ve let you down. So give everyone a chance. You’ll be surprised at how much better things can be.

2. Make time for you

You must to make time for you. This is the only way you’re going to get the most out of life. You have to take care of yourself. At the end of the day its you alone who is left feeling exhausted, drained and stressed out. No one is going to come and save your from sliding down. You must be there for yourself and you need that energy to pick yourself up whenever you fall. You have to make time for things that make you happy. You have to make time for solitude and tranquil moments. You have to make time for spiritual growth. You have to make time for exercise and well being. Pay attention to what your body and mind is telling you. Its indeed telling to pause, take a breath and ground yourself. You have to make time for your friends. You have to make time for your family. You have to make time for your job. You have to make time for everything. When you don’t make time for things, you don’t have the energy to give them the attention they deserve. You end up resenting the things that are important to you. I know it is easier said than done, but you really must take time-out for yourself , even if it is only 5 minutes to just be by yourself with a hot cuppa of coffee. You deserve that much atleast!

3. Do what you enjoy and involve your child

You have to find what you enjoy doing. You have to find something that gives you energy and makes you feel good to do it. You can  involve your child in this. If you don’t, then they never get a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your child is always expected to do what they are told. This can create endless resentment. You have to find something that you both enjoy so they can enjoy the benefits of doing it with you. This is one of the best ways to keep your child from becoming resentful and unfulfilled. They get to participate in what you love to do such as cooking, baking, gardening. Involve them in household chores like gathering clothes in laundry basket, mopping the floor or doing the dishes. They get to learn what it’s like to work hard. They get to experience the rush of success. This is a great way to give them a leg up in life.

4. Let go the need of “Perfectionism”

You have to let go of the need to be perfect. This is not healthy. Perfectionism causes a lot of stress in our lives. It’s never going to happen. You have to let go of the need to control everything. You have to let go of the need to be right all of the time. You have to let go of the need to have your decisions validated by everyone else. This is not healthy. You have to choose to be happy and live in the moment. This is the only way to be truly happy. So you have to let go of the need to be perfect. You have to let go of the need to control everything. You have to let go of the need to be right all of the time. You have to let go of the need to have your decisions validated by everyone else. You have to trust the process. Sometimes it is better to pause, take a step back and just observe. You can silently observe and this will give you time to decide whether ‘ it is necessary to push through this’ or let it slide.  Controlling other people around you makes them really uncomfortable and you will just be another nagging mom or dominant mom. Let your kids make small decisions from time to time and give them the sense of responsibility rather than always being told or ordered to do anything. Don’t judge or criticize your kids on small mishaps or mistakes, they are just learning and growing. By having you as a pusher will just throw them off their capabilities.

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