Baking with your kids can be fun, messy, and a great way to improve their motor skills—as well as their sense of achievement. You don’t have to be a master chef in order to bake with your kids: they will learn by getting the ingredients and measuring them. And they’ll feel a sense of pride when they see you biting into that delicious cookie they made like completing a project from start to finish, which will make them excited to keep baking. Involve them in this activity and make time for it so that you can connect with them while teaching them a useful skill. It’s a great way to connect with your kids, no matter what their age. Kids learn best by doing, so baking with them is one of the best ways to teach them about measuring and sequencing. They’ll have a great time getting messy in the kitchen (which you can always clean up after), and maybe afterwards you can all relax in front of a movie together with some freshly baked popcorn!

If you think about it as a learning opportunity rather than a chore, you can really make it happen! It can be a fun family activity, or just a way to connect with your own kids at home. You can teach them how to read recipes, teach them the names of different ingredients and utensils, and even teach them the basics of chemistry and biology that come into play when you’re baking (yeast is ALIVE!)—How those cookies are just expanding and crackling in the oven or the cake batter getting spongier . They’ll always remember the sense of accomplishment they felt when they are finished.

Baking also boosts their confidence , you can role play your kids being the head chef and you as sous chef, let them take the lead with you guiding them every step of the way. Let them crack those eggs , shape those cookies or knead some dough And who knows? They might just learn to love cooking and enjoy this art!

Baking with kids can be a fun and rewarding family activity, and it’s a great way to get the kids off their screens for a few hours. It’s also a great way for them to learn about nutrition and the importance of each ingredient, how they work well together and if one ingredient is missing, it might mess up your entire effort. 

But baking can be messy, so here are some tips from expert bakers to make sure your time in the kitchen is a memorable and a happy experience:

1. Make sure the children wear an apron or something else that covers their clothes.

2. Use washable paints instead of food coloring—food coloring is not only expensive, but it stains clothes like crazy!

3. Put down something on the table or countertop to protect it. A tablecloth is one option; another is to cover the surface with wax paper or aluminum foil (easy cleaning!).

4. If you’re using ingredients that need to be mixed in bowls, use plastic ones that can be easily washed—glass bowls are beautiful, but they break easily and are not very kid-friendly!

5. Make sure that anything sharp is out of reach of your little one(s)—we don’t want anyone getting hurt!

6. Have fun, and “Can I lick the bowl?” is a question that many parents hear as soon as it’s time to bake. And you can’t blame them. Baking with your kids can be delicious quality time.

But don’t forget to take an extra minute and let your child set the table with some fun napkins, or choose a pretty cupcake liner for their creation. When you have to be careful about what your kids are putting into their bodies, letting them help bake is a great way to teach them how food is made while giving them a treat they’ll love.

If you’re worried about teaching your kids how to cook and clean up after themselves in the kitchen, baking is a great place to start. The mess will be contained in a small area (usually) and it’s easy to teach young children how to scoop flour out of containers or crack an egg (with supervision). Even if they make a mistake in mixing ingredients together, it’s easy enough to start over!

I will be sharing many recipes that I have tried and tested with my kids, and let me assure you that they have enjoyed every minute of it.

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