Becoming a new dad can be nerve-wracking — you’ve never done this before, and there are lots of things you need to prepare for. This can seem overwhelming, especially since you might not be familiar with pregnancy itself. Pregnancy is a time for taking care of your pregnant wife, and vice versa. This article is written for brand new dads, to give them some insight into what they should be doing now, before the baby comes.

Many men are excited and nervous about becoming dads for the first time. This is a big responsibility, but one that many men take seriously. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the opportunity to enjoy the process!. I’m laughing at what that might be in person. This is also a little long. “Call to action” might not be in the right place and might not be called out as a call to action.

Your mind is racing with thoughts of diapers, car seats, and baby wipes. I have prepared this checklist to help you prepare one step ahead

  • Baby Bag
This is the best guide for all dad-to-be out there!

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