230 Pages / 10 Books Reading Comprehension

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This BUNDLE of NO PREP READING COMPREHENSION Passages/Stories includes 180 simple stories/passages to help with fluency, comprehension and building reading confidence for September through May. Each story provides early readers with a genuine opportunity to practice reading short stories they can decode with early phonics skills and sight word recognition. These Comprehension Checks can be used independently, in small groups, guided reading groups, morning work or homework! There are 3 Accountability Stars at the top of the page. Students can color a star each time they read a story. This ensures that they are reading the story at least 3 times to encourage fluency.

After completing the Comprehension Check, students can color a star on the Reading Comprehension and Fluency Tracker. Each month will have 20 different Comprehension Checks with 5 Comprehension Questions. These simple comprehension questions provide students with an opportunity to look back at the text and using complete sentences. This option is more effective than the “fill in the bubble” method. In addition, students will use the color code to look back in the text (text evidence) and highlight the answers.

1. We hope your Kids/students enjoy the activities to find more fun and engaging skill practice!
2. This interactive mini-notebook is intended to supplement your teaching for letter recognition and phonetic awareness.
3. This printable pack was created for you to use at home with your child/students or with multiple children in a classroom/tutoring setting.

This bundle includes 200 Sequencing Reading Comprehension Passages to use throughout the year

These reading comprehension packets include the following activities:

-Read 3 times for fluency

-Sequence the story

-Multiple choices

These reading passages are perfect for both beginning readers, struggling readers, and ESL students in Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.

These reading comprehensions and fluency passages will build students’ confidence in reading!!

This comprehension pack is perfect for early readers and special education.

These can be used for small group, one-on-one instruction, independent reading, homework, morning work, centers or simply reading comprehension check.

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