Reading Sentences Sets Worksheets

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English reading sentence bundle, set of 4 books


  • This bundle includes 120 reading sentence pages to use throughout the year.


    Reading Sentences The Bundle

    This pack is ideal for beginning readers in kindergarten and in first grade to build confidence in reading. This resource contains 30 Reading Sentences pages designed to help students read and write simple sentences.

    Inside you will find:

    *5 pages of, Read the sentences pages.

    *5 pages of, Color the picture and trace the sentence.

    *5 pages of, Draw a line and match the sentence to the correct picture.

    *5 pages of, Complete the sentences using the words in the word bank.

    *5 pages of, Read the sentence and look at the picture. Is it true or false?

    *5 pages of, Match the sentence with the picture.

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